Eye Makeup: less drag queen is always better

Now, I understand that this might seem self-evident, but sadly, I have seen too many young women come into our office for interviews looking like they just got their face painted at the fair.  Truly, ladies, your face should not look like a you fell asleep on your cousin’s couch and let her 5 year old use your face like a coloring pad! My advice? Keep your makeup minimal and subtle.

Unless you work in a field where noticeable eye makeup will help your career, such as, at a makeup sales counter, or in a special effects department, it absolutely should not be the first thing people notice about you in a professional environment.

Drag Queen Makeup

Why not, you ask? Well, it’s distracting. (You can’t stop looking at that picture, can you?) And, distracting eye makeup won’t help you professionally. When you leave a room after an interview, instead of discussing your stellar resume, people will wonder if you have a second job in a circus as a clown.

So, what happens if you wear your funky fresh shade to the interview and still somehow end up getting the job? Its also true that if people overlook your strange eye make up during the interview and you end up getting the position, most likely your coworkers would expect you to pick up on normal office cues and stop overdoing it.  If you don’t, people will focus on it instead of your professional attributes. They won’t let you talk to people outside the office, like, say clients, and overall, they will question your judgment- why doesn’t this person understand that makeup like that is for the club, not the client meeting? They will wonder what other poor choices you are making. In short, your smokey eyes are stinking up the office.

So, in conclusion I strongly advise you too not wear too much eye makeup to work. Why not you ask? Why can’t I use makeup to express my individuality? Why can’t I just do what I want to my face? Well my dears, you can! Just not at work. Now go wash your face and get back to work.


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